3 Raised-bed gardens in my neighborhood

How are You in Preparation Now?

While running last Saturday, I ran past this garden, which I have run past all summer long.

In the spring, it was well cared for, prepared, and planted.

As time went on, the plants grew heartily.

Harvest time came, and I’m certain the people that live here (I have no idea who), enjoyed the fruits of their labors, and the blessing of God and nature in the form of a productive harvest.

Saturday, as I ran past this garden I felt compelled to turn around, run back and take a picture.

When I looked at the garden now, it would be easy to let sorrow tinged regret fill my mind with thoughts of the harvest, now gone. The plants, now dead. The soil, now dormant.

It can seem sad.

The thought that came to my mind was distinctly not one of sorrow for what is gone. Rather, it was a recognition of what lies ahead.

Next year.

Next planting.

Next Harvest.

2020 may seem like a year of regret, missed opportunity, sorrow, disease, economic downturn and civil unrest.

If you are growing older, you may look back on the harvest of your life, as though it is a thing of the past.

Like a garden, our lives go in cycles. No one cycle is more or less important than another.

The cycle of a day, twenty four hours, is critical. Nourishment, activity and rest are all needed every day.

The cycle of a week can be a powerful period of time. The sum of seven days can add up to a significant total in the direction you are going.

What can happen in a month?

What about a year?

When you look at the picture of the empty garden, know that it is not inactive. It is in preparation.

How are you in preparation now?

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